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The most recent Ministry that we have partnered with is “Gateway to HOPE - Romania”. This amazing work is run by Reinhard and Darcy Neufeld (Darlene’s Great Uncle and Aunt) pictured above. Gateway to HOPE has a huge heart for Orphans and Widows.

After moving to Romania from Canada, God gave Reinhard and Darcy a vision for an empty lot beside their residence - a shelter for abused mothers and abandoned children. So was born the Rasa Family Centre which became operational in 2018. There are many widows in the area who feel very lonely. Some have no children in the area and some are ignored by their children. Reinhard and Darcy visit the widows and invite them to the Rasa Family Centre where they plan social activities for them and give them a meal. They also support many of them with firewood for heating in the winter, emergency food, clothing, and other material goods as they become available. Reinhart, affectionately known as 'Papa Rei' is a carpenter and a skilled builder. Now he uses these gifts to provide work, training and mentoring for young men so they can provide for their families and become leaders in their homes, churches and communities.

Gateway to Hope exists is to spread a passion for the glory of God through Jesus Christ to lost and hurting people so that, individual lives can be changed, families can be restored, and communities can have hope.



In our last newsletter we shared with you our need for a large sum of money to dig a new deep- well at “The Hope Center” in Kenya. This well will not only provide fresh, clean drinking water for the orphans and staff, but also will provide income for “The Hope Center” as local families from the community will purchase our water.

We received one large donation (THANK YOU) and some smaller donations (THANK YOU) and now the well is almost complete. We praise God for His provision and we thank you all who gave financially.



Lespri Ministries is a nonprofit organization committed to raising equipped, educated leaders for Haiti's bright future from the children & youth of Haiti.

Lespri Family! There has been so much going on over here at Lespri for the last few weeks- it has made it difficult to post and update you with it all! Glory to God: our first (and the smaller of the two) gates is UP on Lespri's free school property now- isn't it beautiful? The larger sliding car entrance door will go up soon and we will post pictures! Thank you so much for your prayers over us and over this project- we are seeing huge progress and things finally start coming into completion with our wall. We are so grateful! More updates to come! Our first small gate is UP!



The ministry in India continues throughout the towns and villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh, with many blessings and of course some challenges.  Each of the orphanages build by Abundant Hope Ministries is functioning well and the children are healthy, safe and educated.  Each child continues to grow in their faith in God, and we are pleased to let you know that the work of Abundant Hope Ministries is strong and effective.

Of course we ask that you please continue to pray daily for the precious children who have found a home in one of our orphanages in India. Many of the original orphans in these homes have now grown up to be successful adults who love the Lord and are accomplishing the call of God on their lives.   Thank You for your continued support.

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